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High Performance Company bridge the gap between you and your customers, ensuring seamless interactions.

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We prioritize building close client relations. Our goal is to create a robust network of satisfied
customers based on trust and personalized service.

Revolutionizing Employee

We believe in satisfying our customers through efficient customer service. To ensure excellence in
our services, we leverage cutting-edge speech analytics software to monitor and enhance
employee performance.

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Connecting you with experts across mediums

Our call center boasts a team of seasoned professionals who have perfected the art of seamless multichannel communication.

About High Performance

Outsourcing Call Center Agency: Your Partner in Success

High Performance guarantees that your clients have access to round-the-clock availability, coupled with a team of professionals proficient in accommodating their needs in the diverse languages spoken across Middle East's region. With our Call Center in Erbil, Iraq, we leverage a skilled local workforce to provide authentic and personalized customer experiences.

Our Vision

To create a contact center environment and a culture that empowers our agents and management team to passionately represent our client’s brands.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide exceptional, fast and reliable customer service.


What differentiates us from other Call Centers?

24/7, Real-Time Customer Support

High Performance delivers 24/7 customer support, ensuring your clients can always reach a professional whenever they need help.

Multilingual Expertise

Our team is proficient in diverse languages spoken across the Middle East, providing exceptional customer service regardless of your native tongue.

Local Touch

With a call center located in Erbil, Iraq, we leverage a skilled local workforce to deliver culturally-sensitive and authentic customer experiences.

Why should you choose High Performance?

We prioritize your customers like you do. Expect a 95%+ customer satisfaction rate and the peace of mind that comes from partnering with a leading BPO agency dedicated to building strong relationships.

Customer Satisfaction: Our Top Priority

At High Performance, we place our clients above everything, going the extra mile to provide them with services that meet and exceed their expectations.

Expanding into Middle East's Emerging Market

High Performance brings BPO Services in Middle East, tailoring your digital success to your needs.

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High Performance Services

Experience the future of customer engagement with our advanced cloud call center solutions and services

Our advanced cloud call center solutions and services redefine customer engagement, delivering efficiency and excellence.

Cutting-Edge Email Support Solutions

High Performance does not believe in late responses via email. Our email is as efficient as our voice call, ensuring all your queries are promptly catered to, making it convenient and transparent with an Omni-channel interface.

24/7 Chat Support, Your Business Lifeline

Navigate customer support effortlessly with our 24/7 chatbot and live agents, available round-the-clock.

Learn About Our Middle East Call Center Services

We empower you to offer seamless customer experiences. Our omni-channel call center solutions ensure expert support across your customers' preferred channels, providing the convenience and responsiveness they demand.

  • Boost Sales with Telemarketing Outsourcing:
    Maximize lead generation and conversions with our streamlined telemarketing solutions, freeing you to focus on growth.

  • Enhance Brand Reputation through Service:
    We foster positive customer experiences that build brand loyalty and advocacy throughout the Middle East.

  • Multilingual Expertise for Seamless Support:
    Our culturally-sensitive team provides exceptional service in English, Arabic, Kurdish Kurmanji, Kurdish Barzani, and Kurdish Sorani.

  • Gain Your Competitive Edge:
    Outsource call center operations to us and leverage our expertise for unmatched efficiency and market advantage.

  • Bridge Cultures, Strengthen Connections:
    Our team understands the nuances of the region, building trust and rapport with your diverse customer base.

  • Innovative Solutions for Optimized Communication:
    We blend advanced call center technology with a human touch for superior customer interactions.

  • Customer Loyalty that Endures:
    We don’t just satisfy customers; we build lasting relationships that drive repeat business and brand advocacy.

  • Call Center Technology at the Forefront:
    Our cutting-edge tools, including speech analytics, ensure exceptional quality and insightful customer data analysis.